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Dry eye is a very common eye problem and occurs either when there are insufficient tears produced or due to increased evaporation of the tears.

Dry eye can cause a significant decrease in quality of life due to its impact in all daily activities.

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Symptoms of dry eye
  • Irritation
  • tearing
  • redness
  • decrease in vision
  • light sensitivity
  • possible corneal staining with secondary infections and scarring.

Numerous factors may precipitate or worsen dry eye disease. These include age, sex, work environments, travel, air conditioning, certain chronic illnesses such as autoimmune diseases, medications, and lid abnormalities.

Risk factors
Previous or current ocular problems
Ocular surgery
Contact lens wear
Treatment for dry eye

The treatment of dry eye depends on the cause as well as predisposing factors. There are numerous types of drops and supplements as well as lifestyle changes that may be applicable. This will depend on what your ophthalmologist discovers. Treatment is usually chronic and requires dedication from the patient.

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Should you notice any symptoms of dry eye we recommend making an appointment with an ophthalmologist.

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